Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bush and the Poorest Women in the World Jane Roberts today summarizes this administration's family planning policy on the world's poorest most vulnerable women.
Roberts is one of the pioneers of e-activism. In July 2002, the Bush administration refused to release $34 million voted by the Congress for the United Nations Population Fund.
When she heard about this, Jane Roberts 'lay in bed thinking, "A letter to the editor or to my congressman won't be enough. So I'll get 34 million people to donate a dollar."'
She and one other woman started a campaign, 34 million friends of UNPFA, to get 34 million people to donate a dollar and make up for what we, as a country, are failing to do. So far they have raised nearly 2.5 million dollars.
Roberts explains:
In 140 countries of the world, UNFPA does nothing but help mothers survive childbirth and plan their families the way the great majority of us do. It plays an integral role in United Nations' efforts to reduce AIDS and educates against harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and early marriage. It is present in refugee camps preventing rape and violence.
But instead of supporting such an effort, the administration makes totally false charges that somehow UNFPA is complicit in what have been coercive practices in China's population programs.
I think there are ways we can get much broader support -- across party lines -- for refunding the UNFPA, but in the meantime, support Roberts if you can.

Monday, January 28, 2008

i got into a major fight with my father as he is so rude and superficial adn nearly seriuosly changed my last name adn disowned him as my father but he gave in adn said he was sorry, he wanted me back, come home, blah blah, so we are supposedly on good terms now. my xmas was bad, i spent it with mum and her partner's family in hervey bay and i think he's a nasty, so enough said. new years was okay, spent it dancing with old peple and was in bed by 1am. sad. i am very happy, its ben great being here shopping adn i finally am getting some medication for my shiittty acne seriously that thing is wacked! my skin is whacked, you know i've always had bad skin, but now, damn!! self esteemout the window! so anyways, being here has refreshed my mind and my head, put me back on track. my plan for the new year is this: go home, get my job back, get my car back and get myself my own apartment and buy a dog.

However, next year i am planning to move some where different go to melbourne if i can once i get my diploma and work for a while. you never know i might head back here to PNg or even find a lesbian wherever i possibly can in the world. ya never know i might come and bum in jimmy’s little shack by the sea for a little while. yer the goals are set and the goals to stick by the goals are set. and don't you worry the money is being saved.